Monday, July 14, 2014

Parker Meyet - Nursing (Part IV)

One of the perks of being a NICU mom is that I have the time to go home and rest and write about my experiences of that day.  The perks definitely don't outweigh the alternative.  I can't wait to take Parker home with us instead of visiting him 2-3 times a day at the NICU.  Last night we went to visit with Bryce's parents, they've been so wonderful to have close as well as my parents.  What a huge difference having family close by makes.

**I forgot to mention a really powerful moment on Thursday July 10, 2014.  Bryce and his dad were able to give Parker a priesthood blessing.  It was so sweetly worded with strength and wisdom beyond Bryce's years, it was a proud moment for momma.  I am so grateful for the priesthood in my life and to have family members worthy to hold it.**

Anyway we went to visit last night and it was right about time to feed him, and he had been taking a bottle which is such great news to hear in the NICU.  We hear that the thing that keeps babies in the NICU the longest is not being able to bottle feed or nurse.  So Parker is a little rock star.  And our nurse came to me and asked if I wanted to try nursing.  I wasn't expecting to nurse for a few more days based on what we talked to the Dr. about the day before, so I was a little shocked, excited, and nervous. 

Let me preface nursing with my experience after Parker's birth.
For most moms, they get to try nursing right away with their little bundle, but when they are swept away to the NICU and on cooling pads for the first 3 days of their lives, it is impossible to nurse, and sometime even bottle feed.  Parker was hooked up to a feeding tube down his throat, and later down his nasal cavity.  The lactation consultants came to visit me and instruct me how to use the hospital pumps. Since I've never done this before I didn't know what to expect.  Pumping at first was frustrating because milk doesn't come in right away.  I thought I was failing, or pumping for no reason, but it was normal...I was just emotional.  Pumping finally got easier and I've been a lot more confident with it, especially when you see results.  It has been really nice to measure how much you are producing rather than hoping you child is getting fed enough.

When our nurse asked if I wanted to pump, I was scared because I'd heard how hard of a process it can be for both mom and the baby.  But I thought it was important to try.  It took Parker about 2 minutes to figure it out and seemed so content.  I have to admit I was a proud momma at that point.  and so relieved that it worked almost immediately!  I am sure lucky.  He took about 15ML from me the first time we tried, then took another 33ML from a bottle from Bryce. Our little guy is not on any eating restrictions anymore, so we get to feed him as much as he wants, which is fun, but a different process than what we've known the last 5 days of exact amounts every 3 hours.

Nursing is way cool.  I know before I had Parker, I wasn't akin to the idea of it.  Most say it hurts, and you're sore all the time.  But when you and your baby figure out this process, there's a sense of accomplishment.  It's so bizarre how cool I think nursing is now.  I didn't realize how special it can be between mom and baby.

After nursing we got to spend a few more hours with Parker before heading home, and I feel like he changed into a normal baby overnight.  He started making baby noises, before he had been pretty quiet.  It melted my heart (& I think my Mom's heart too)  He is making huge strides in the NICU.  We don't know when he'll be able to come home yet (I've learned not to ask the Dr.'s that question, you'll never get an answer)  It all depends on regulating his vitals and doing normal baby stuff, but we are so grateful for the St. Luke's staff that have made such a nightmare into a wonderful learning experience for us.  Props go out to our favorite nurses, Kerry & Kami!  They've led us through this whole thing and helped us understand Parker's condition, how to phrase our questions to the Dr. & just being great company!  We love them!  & honorable mentions go to Sheryl & Randi.  We appreciate everyone taking care of our little man!  

Here's a photo dump!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Parker Elias Meyet 7.8.14 (Part III)

Parker Elias Meyet

(He already knows how to pose for mom)

Born: July, 8, 2014 --- Time: 2:33 PM --- Weight: 8lbs 9oz --- Length: 21 1/4 in

Continuing with Parker's progression in the NICU, we got some great news the last few days. (To catch up read HERE)  He was taken off the cooling pad and warmed back to normal temperature.  He looks so much healthier already.  During the cooling process they had run multiple tests on his brain function.  They noted 2 sub clinical seizures (this means they only detected it on the monitoring, there was no physical symptoms of a seizure) so they have him on phenobarbital, an seizure medicine.  They also have him on antibiotics for the possible aspiration of meconium.  There were other tests that had odd levels so they have compensated for all of that throughout the cooling process.  Ever since he's room temperature, he seems like a normal baby!  Less wires attached, we were able to hold him for the first time Friday July 11, 2014.  It was an amazing experience to hold our baby for the first time. As of Sunday July 13, 2014 his MRI results came back normal, which means that any damage done was able to heal itself or was short lived.  We may not know if he'll have any ailments until we mark his milestones as he grows.  Now we are focused on him regulating himself and eating.  We are eternally grateful for this little man and can't wait to have him home and show him off to all of our friends and family! He's free of all wires from his face and only has the basic monitors on, more pictures to come.

Labor & Delivery 7.8.14 (Part II)

Parker joined us on July 8, 2014.  In continuation of our Labor and Delivery story, baby Meyet joined us at 2:33 PM Tuesday July 8, 2014.  Laboring and delivering a baby is a miraculous experience, not pretty, but definitely a miracle.  When baby Meyet was born (we didn't have a name yet) the Dr. laid him up on my stomach and I got to hold him for about 60 seconds.  I was able to see the Dr. hand Bryce scissors to cut the umbilical cord, I looked at my mom and said, "This is my baby!"  It was an emotional time and was about to get even more hectic.  Baby showed signs of having meconium in the placenta (the baby's first bowel movement)  If aspirated, it can be poisonous.

***I didn't find this out till later, but there was no indication of meconium in the placenta prior to labor.  Nurses/Dr.'s will usually know because when you bag of waters break, it is not a clear fluid, but tinged green.  Mine was clear when it broke so we didn't expect any meconium. ***

  So the Dr. acted quickly and suctioned out his nose & mouth, but baby still wasn't breathing.  Baby's come out of the womb and usually take a little while to breathe, but baby Meyet was taking a little longer than normal.  A bunch of labor and delivery nurses/Dr.'s came running in and baby Meyet was swept away to the alcove with the incubation chamber.  I couldn't see a thing except people running around and a lot of quick commands from the nurses.  My mom told me they gave baby Meyet chest compressions to start breathing and by the time they had called the code for NICU to come in they intubated him, which means they stuck a tube down his through to start & assist his breathing.  

They had baby Meyet in the incubation chamber and wheeled him over to me and let me touch him.  He looked pink and big!  Bryce made sure I was okay and followed the team to the NICU.  There wasn't a lot of information at first and I was a little bit in shock.  I think family came in then and we waited for information, ordered lunch and hung out in the labor and delivery room till we received more information.  A resident Dr. came in and explained what was going on.  None of it registered with me other than baby Meyet had coughed up his intubation tube and was breathing on his own.  That was good news, but there were still a lot of unknowns.

Family left to the waiting room, or where ever... Tonya, my nurse, helped me get out of the bed and cleaned up.  I was grateful the epidural wore off so I could keep what little dignity I had left and help her help me get cleaned up.  I didn't really know what to expect after labor, but I knew my body was sore and tired and I didn't have a baby to hold.  I don't know any different since this is our first.  Tonya wheeled me in a wheelchair to the NICU and took me to baby's NICU room.  He was on a incubation table, thankfully not the one's you'd expect babies to be in with the hand holes, he was open to the air and we were able to touch him.  He was wide awake, it was so bizarre to think that we gave life to such a wonderful spirit. He had wires attached all over and wasn't as pink as I first remember seeing him.  

I recovered in the Postpartum ward on the 8th floor while baby Meyet was in the NICU on the 2nd floor.  I was able to visit whenever I wanted which was nice.  Selfishly it was nice to be able to focus on my recovery without baby Meyet in the room.  I was able to sleep more and focus on me getting better enough to take care of him.  We were updated on baby Meyet's condition:

- Baby Meyet was going to be on a cooling pad for the next 72 hours to lower his blood temperature and decrease his blood flow.  The reasoning behind this is we don't know how long he was without oxygen, which means there could have been brain injury.  Blood swells to injuries and we did NOT want blood to swell his brain, so they cooled him down to allow the brain room to heal itself.  Being about 5 degrees colder than normal, poor baby Meyet looked a little less pink and a little more purple.

We spent the next few days visiting with family & friends.  One morning when it was just Bryce & I, we talked for a few minutes and finally decided on a name for our valiant warrior!

Parker Elias Meyet

It is hard to name a human being, but every day baby Meyet is growing into his name and we couldn't be happier. 


Labor & Delivery 7.8.14

Labor & Delivery

Baby Meyet joined us on July 8, 2014.  He was due June 30, 2014.  He took his time getting here but we are so blessed to have him!  Let's start from the beginning:

Sunday July 6, 2014
I went for an hour long walk because I was tired of being pregnant!  I guess it worked. 

 On Monday July 7, 2014 at 6AM  I woke up to a sharp pain in my back, thought nothing of it, got up to eat breakfast. At 6:08AM Another sharp pain... I started to get a little anxious, but didn't want to get my hopes up just yet, but I felt like they were contractions.  It's hard to tell if you've never had them before. 

All throughout the day I started having contractions about 8 minutes apart.  Around 4PM they started getting closer together.  Our good friends were driving through town so we got to visit with them for a while, my mom made tacos and then we decided it was time to go to the hospital.  Bryce and my parents were much more anxious than I was, because I thought the hospital would turn us away and I'd have to endure more labor at home.  Bryce & I got to triage (a nice place, but horrible name for a maternity ward)  They asked if I could walk for about an hour around the building to dilate from a 3.5 to a 4 or 5.  So we did, that was a pain.  It was a literal pain in my back.  About every 3 minutes I'd lean my head against the wall and Bryce would press on my lower back to relieve some of the ache.  Let me tell you, back labor is no joke!  Props to the moms that go through that every time.  

My sister Teri found out and she texted us saying "I'm on my way!!"  we didn't even have a room yet, so she walked with us around the halls and helped Bryce put pressure on my back during contractions bless her heart!

My parents followed a little later and by then I had moved into our labor room (around 10PM), which is really nice by the way, it's big and lots of space for family.  I labored a little more until I was able to receive an epidural for the pain.  Epidurals are an amazing thing.  They tie you to your hospital bed and require more wires, but I am eternally grateful I didn't have to go through this process unmedicated. It was around midnight when we got the epidural and right after the anesthesiologist was finished and Bryce moved away from me, my bag of waters broke.  Bryce was at least grateful I waited till he moved out of the way. 

The Nurse, Amanda & Tonya were great.  Overnight I spiked a fever of 102 and got the shakes.  Baby's vitals were stable so we pressed forward. Tonya checked me around 5AM and I hadn't really progressed any further than a 6, so the Dr. decided to start me on Pitocin to induce my labor.  We're guessing the epidural slowed my progression.  With lots of fluids in me and few hours later, around 11AM on Tuesday I was dilated to a 10 and ready to push!  

During the labor process I started feeling the pain in my back again so I ended up receiving 3 Bolus injections along with the epidural.  So either my pain threshold is low, or I didn't use the self administer  button on the epidural enough.  The Bolus shot was instant cool relief.  But I got one too many.  I got one right before it was time to push and couldn't feel a darn thing.  As nice as it was to not feel, my pushing for the first hour was really ineffective.  I was getting pretty tired and frustrated because I wasn't figuring it out.  Tonya called my Dr. and I mentioned that I was starting to "get a little out of control."  I overheard her and limply said, "I am losing control."  I probably sounded schizophrenic because I would rant, cry, apologize, and repeat.  Her phone call to the Dr. helped me get mentally back into it and I was able to keep trying.  It was tough business for sure.  My back labor was brutal, but the pain was good motivation I guess.  Tonya was super patient with my rants, but also firm when she needed to be, I'm grateful for her!  I didn't know this till after, but it was around 2PM and the Dr. said they would use a vacuum if I couldn't birth this baby by 2:30.  I'm glad I didn't hear that because I probably would have panicked.  Thankfully at 2:33PM, 2.5 hours later, Baby Meyet was born!  And that is just the beginning. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Writers Blog...

So heres the thing, blogs are difficult.  They force you to think critically about what is really worth sharing.  For example, I am pretty proud of myself for not burning dinner last night, but isn't that just as bad as me instagram-ing a photo of said dinner? I don't know.  Enough about my delicious dinner though, back to blogging.  It is a challenge to keep up and determine what events make the cut when blogging.  Which is why I normally end up playing catch up and listing all of the cool things that have happened in my life. Ready, go!

Since July 2013
1. Went to our families Cabin for my Grandpa's 80th birthday!

2. Went to Stanley in September for a day, it was spectacular
3. Went back to the Cabin with our friends and visited West Yellowstone, despite the weather, the company was great, and we got in the park for FREE! The boys have the duck face nailed!
4. Bryce got a new job, that we were really excited about
5. Spent Thanksgiving in Seattle and got to see almost everyone!
6. Oh, did I mention that Bryce & I found out we are pregnant? Yup! (JUNE 30)

7. My good friend Emika was sealed for time and eternity to her husband in Laie, HI.  Then a few weeks later they flew off to the Philippines!  Oh and we got to go see her in Hawaii.  Made a vacation out of it and gave Bryce the grand tour.  All thanks to the Jensen Family who let us stay in their home!
- hiked stairway to heaven and thought we were going to die.  Got to see Pearl Harbor, best experience yet.
8. Christmas was fun, but family and friends were greatly missed!
9. Bryce was forced to quit/ be let go from said job.
10. We got sued from Bryce's former employer.  First time for everything!

11. January came and Katie had her cute baby boy January 11, 2014 Taylor Scott or TATO!
12. We got to visit TATO a week after his debut.
13. Bryce took me on a date!
14. Bryce built me some cool shelves!

15. Had a snow day with friend and built a teddy bear out of snow!
16. Bryce got a new job!
17. Bryce's former employer dropped his lawsuit against us!
18. Am now officially 24 weeks along and am secretly counting down the days

That was a quick recap, but overall we are eternally blessed by Heavenly Father to provide us so many blessings and opportunities.  Life is going to change dramatically in the next 3-4 months and I can't wait.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Backlinks & Photobombing the blog

A Short rant on Color coordinating and feeble attempt at creating some backlinks.

With school in full force, working full time, coaching volleyball, and a torn acl, there hasn't been much room for photography.  Regardless, I wanted to pose a question about "What to wear for family photos?"

First of all, Wear clothes, that you have in your closet.  You don't have to buy everyone a new outfit for this to work.

Second, who had the time to make charts like these?
Third, who takes the time to look through all of these?

The answer:  Family photos need to be fun, not stuffy.  Coordinated, not matching.  Unique, not common.  Relaxed, not stressful.  & Comfortable, not stiff.  

Bottom line, wear something that you love, something that you feel great in, and then jazz it up.  Take your best look and make it about 20% cooler.  (to the SAHM's & Bronies, yes that was a My Little Pony reference)  

The devil is in the details and you will feel great in your already loved outfit, and will feel glamourous because of the extra bling.  As for everyone else, especially if you are the Mom, coordinate them to match you!  Neutrals are going to be your friend.  Pops of color are encouraged!  Take this for example and relish the beauty of coordination, with neutrals!  I love it, and I love them.   Also, check out my new website for school CBMEYETPHOTO